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Life is better when we're financially fit. MoneyFitt™ is an application that helps people to cultivate good financial habits and make better financial decisions. Get the latest updates:

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It tells us where I can improve along with actionable steps for each area and why I should do it



- Cheong, R. 24

Proven Effective!

My favourite part of the app was the MoneyFitt part... at one glance, you can see your financial well-being


- Tham, C S. 32


One thing that impressed me was the fact that you could speak with an expert at the push of a button


- Pang, P. 21

We Are All Unique, and So Are Our Money Needs!

MoneyFitt™ helps you determine what to do, which to do first, and why.

We aim to help everyone, regardless of age and background, build happier and healthier financial lives by building knowledge and taking action.

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Entertaining, Engaging and Unbiased Content

400+ Articles | 160+ Videos | 250+ Infographics

You don't know what you don't know. In times of too much information online, a responsible, engaging knowledge hub helps clear the noise. Our library contains articles, videos, quizzes, infographics and more!


MoneyFitt™ offers exciting and reliable financial literacy content with clear and specific calls to action. 

Optimised for Singapore

MoneyFitt™ offers a matching service to speak with the experts you need. No commitment, no hard sell.


(Expert individuals subscribe to appear in MoneyFitt™.)


We don't provide investment or insurance advice but help to direct you to the proper steps to fix your needs.

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What Is Money Management, and Why Is It So Important?

Money or finance management involves overseeing your finances and monitoring aspects like income, spending, protection, and investing to make well-informed decisions to achieve financial goals. Maintaining good financial habits are crucial for financial stability, avoiding debt, and ensuring long-term financial success. Having enough saved to cover emergencies, protecting yourself and your loved ones with insurance, investing successfully into a diversified portfolio towards financial goals and achieving overall financial freedom are all possible through effective money management.

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How Can MoneyFitt™ Help With Financial Management and Planning?

MoneyFitt™ is the perfect personal financial planning app for individuals in Singapore looking to better manage their money and financially plan for the future. Optimised for personal finance in Singapore and offering user-friendly features, MoneyFitt™ enables you to know what steps to take, which to do first and why. It can be hard to know what takes priority, but MoneyFitt helps make informed decisions that can lead to achieving financial success. Explore the perks of our personal financial platform today!

How Can I Better Manage My Money With the MoneyFitt™ App?

MoneyFitt™ makes it simpler for Singaporeans to handle their finances comprehensively by guiding them on where they should aim to take action and allocate more or less of their money. The app’s Sliders feature and personal finance content enable you to make smarter financial decisions. For those looking to budget correctly, adequately protect themselves with insurance, invest wisely or prepare for retirement, MoneyFitt™ is the perfect financial management and planning platform. It directs you to remain focused on your monetary targets, giving a holistic overview of your financial health. Take advantage of the financial, physical and mental health benefits of better money management by giving MoneyFitt™ a shot.

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How Can I Get Personalised Money Management Advice From Experts on the MoneyFitt™ Platform?

Join the MoneyFitt™ platform today and connect with a Singapore financial planner from our network of trusted experts. Complete your profile with basic pertinent financial info and objectives once you’re registered. No commitment, no hard sell. Use MoneyFitt™ to choose a financial advisor that fits your requirements and preferences. When you consult, describe your financial status, targets, and dreams to find an expert who you can relate to. MoneyFitt™ does not provide insurance or investment advice but helps direct you to the suitable steps to address your financial needs.

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