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Let MoneyFitt help you become a wiser investor with our newsletter, The MoneyFitt Morning, a daily heads-up on what's important in investing & business. 

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What Subscribers Are Saying

“Huge fan! It's the perfect way to start my day, with its bite-sized market reads, which are palatable and delightful. It has my highest commendations!”

Jonah LJonah LCo-founder, Chief Product Officer, Serial Entrepreneur

“As someone who receives hundreds of emails daily from institutional brokers and investment bankers, I read The MoneyFitt Morning first because it provides the simplest and most enjoyable round-up of events. If you only get one, you should get this one.”

Michael GMichael GFund Management Head of Research, Top-Rated Analyst

“MoneyFitt Morning is like a caffeine shot for my finance habit. It's the perfect blend of humour and insight that keeps me engaged and entertained. It's like having a funny friend who also happens to be a finance genius.”

Christina CChristina CSVP Wealth Management, Securities Brokerage

What We Will Do for You:

✅ Key takeaways from today's top stories

We read the news, so you don't have to!

✅ Broken-down financial jargon

Jargon is a barrier to financial understanding; it confuses and acts as a distraction. That's why we simplify (not dumb it down!) for you, to give a clearer understanding of investing topics.

✅ Expert insights

Our team's expert insights bring the perspective of decades of experience, tailored to help you become a more-rounded investor. We educate you on why the investing world is the way it is.

✅ Preparation for the long run

We aim to help readers be informed about markets and remain composed during turbulent times so they can make the right long-term decisions.

What We Will Not Do for You:

❌ We won't provide any investing recommendations

Too many investing newsletters get readers excited, promoting the next stock, cryptocurrency, NFT or other investment for you to go all in on. We'll leave that to them and the Reddit threads. 

❌ We won't leave you dying to day trade

Because day trading is not investing! The vast vast majority of day traders lose money.

❌ We won't act as if we think you're already an investing wizard

Many investing newsletters cater for those who (think they) understand investments and can interpret the news coolly. Our Explainers clearly break down introductory terms too, not just the more complex ones.

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