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It tells us where I can improve along with actionable steps for each area and why I should do it

– Cheong, R. 24

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Proven Effective!

My favourite part of the app was the MoneyFitt part. At one glance you can see your financial wellbeing

– Tham, C S. 32

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Take Action

One thing that impressed me was the fact that you could actually speak with an expert at the push of a button… that was quite cool

– Pang, P. 21

Entertaining, Engaging and Unbiased Content

400+ Articles | 160+ Videos | 250+ Infographics

You don’t know what you don’t know. In times of too much information online, a responsible, engaging knowledge hub helps clear the noise. Our library contains over 400 articles, 160 videos,  250+ infographics and more!

MoneyFitt™️ offers exciting and reliable Financial Literacy content with clear and specific calls to action. Our content is delivered in a fun, concise, and responsible way for individuals who face too much information online.

We Are All Unique, and So Are Our Money Needs!

MoneyFitt helps figure out what to do, which to do first, and why.

To help everyone, regardless of age and background, build happier and healthier financial lives by building knowledge and taking action

You Make the 
First Move

Choose an agent that’s best for you!

Half of All Working Adults Aged 17 to 29 Years Think It Is “Still Too Early” to Think About Financial Planning

75% Of Singaporeans Are Not on Track to Be Able to Retire How They Plan To

55.2% of Adults in Singapore Say They’re Financially Illiterate

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